I am an activist who has talked to many, many people and have listened to their stories, wants, and needs. Now I am going to form a company that will end world suffering. God sent me!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

whats up
im chilling how are you
gotta see a lawyer cause a lying ass cop said I spit on him all caught on camera
they try to target you
thats ok though
its about ime
time imena
time i mean
i see
40 acres and mule now or never
lol they can have the acres we got our own
can i have yours
i am the lawyer
for the rest
i know others who can use them
im working for free
till it happens anywya
any good lawyer wood
would i mean

i hear you

look me up on my other sites too if you get a chance
I have more
they cant stop me ow
now i mean
do your thing
oh yeah! never gonna stop
for emmett till
bobby hutton
fred hampton
bobby seale
huey p newton
eldridge cleaver
and john l scott
also omari garrett
charlie james
and earl debnam
corry ten boom
harriett tubman
frederick douglas
and mother teresa

The great thing about later is that it always comes

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