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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti and the devastation. Where is the world's help?

This is a map of where Haiti is located in conjuction to the world. Notice how Cuba is closest. Dominican Rep is on the same Island. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are next. There's Jamaica, Mexico, Florida, and quite a few other places able to pour into Haiti and help. Right now Haiti needs doctors, nurses, able bodies people. Mental health providers are also quite necessary. Money is not the priority but physical people are. Why is it that nearly two days after this emergency America's news casters seem to be saying that only the United States is helping? This appears to be something the United States is responsible for. What if the United States buried a bomb that no one knew about many years ago and just detinated it in order to become the dominant force in Haiti? How is it that Cuba being so close and wanted very dearly to send doctors to the aid of Katrina victims and were turned away by the United States isn't again being allowed to help their neighbors? What if the United States had already set this whole thing up just for another move in it's world domination game? The United States has never cared whether it hurt people or not in it's attempt to take over the world. Just ask the other continents hurt by US! I have also include World Vision's page below the map as I also believe World Vision is really a front for the United States Government and a way for the US to enter countries illegally and get covert information in the ruse that it is helping people with humanitarian aid. I do believe the people working for World Vision do humanitarian things but the overall vision is world dominance by deceiving the people into thinking that World Vision is not controlled by US when it really is. One day I will expose the truth. Right now what needs to happen is these other countries like Cuba and Columbia and Russia and Japan and China and Korea must not let the United States Government take over Haiti and get to the region as soon as possible to prevent that and to help those people.

This is the actual link to World Vision's web page. Notice how the United States World Vision has already been in Haiti for 30 years. They want us to believe that the humanitarian aid they have been doing is strictly that and not part of the US Government when in actuality it really is just a front fot the government to take over the world. We the people of the world must step up to the plate each one of us and send our bodies to help the people not just our monies. The money passes through the hands of the US Government before a small portion given of the large amount received ever reaches the devastation. We the people need to go ourselves. Who is with me?

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More Information Featured Items Our Promise to You A massive, 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti near the capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12th. The damage to buildings is extensive and the number of injured or dead is estimated to be in the hundreds, even thousands. World Vision is on the ground rushing emergency supplies to survivors of this catastrophe.

Your gift now will help distribute life-saving relief supplies – including food, clean water, blankets, and tents — to children and families devastated by the earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti.

“We would be very concerned about a quake of this magnitude anywhere in the world, but it is especially devastating in Haiti, where people are acutely vulnerable because of poor infrastructure and extreme poverty,” said Edward Brown, World Vision’s relief director in the United States.

World Vision has worked in Haiti for 30 years and has some 370 staff in country. Please join us in praying for the children and families devastated by the earthquake in Haiti. And please send a generous gift to help them today.

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