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Saturday, January 9, 2010

We are killing ourselves and others by wanting the wrong kind of entertainment

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How can we change the way we live when it's so part of our everyday life? How can we justify to God that it's Okay to cause cancer and brain damage because we want to hear music on speakers and check our e-mail? We want to watch TV and be mesmerized by it instead of growing food and stopping world suffering.

We want to learn how to cut wood and frame windows instead of producing oxygen. We want electricity that pumps a filter to corral fish incapsulated by glass instead of figuring out a way to feed the world hungry people. We want to insult and laugh at those who want to end suffering. Do we truly feel better?

We sit around and say insulting things about others and somehow justify it because we don't say the "F" word. It's a shock to the senses to say the word fuck because we aren't used to saying it but it's natural to say insults and accusations while thinking we are better because we don't say the "Bad Words." We accuse others of using the "Lord's name in vain," and piously speak up when they do. Saying God Damn is not vanity but only a cuss word according to whoever said it was. Saying you took Jesus in your heart and then cause cancer to others and yourself by the way you live is the true way of taking the Lord's name in vain. Asking and thanking God for things that cause cancer like electronics, houses, carpet, cars, and on and on is truly vain.

We must stop the way we live or we will all die a very torturous death. Stop being brainwashed by the media. Most of it is lies meant to blind us to the truth. Just because it sounds true doesn't mean it is. I no longer want to live in the Matrix because Jesus is on his way and will save me. I want to stop world suffering and start living a life that is truly pleasing to God. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. All the law is summed up in this; Do to others as you would have them do to you. I don't want to suffer therefore I must stop suffering others and teach others to do the same.

Where did they get the idea for the word Jesus since that is not what God said to call him? If Jesus is just a translated name then how come it's still Jesus in Chinese and Japanese and Korean and every other language including Jewish? Where did the word Jesus come from? His name is Yahu'shuah not Jesus. Why isn't that his name? It is not respectful to translate someone's name especially his. How come we call Maria Mary, Antonio Anthony, Roberto Robert, and Jorge George but Jesus not pronounced as Jesus of the Bible? We have a major problem people. Wake up!!

The Mafia were and are Catholic and believe in Jesus and the Virgin Mary but still torture people. What of that. Do you think you are better because you don't see the torture you cause? Wouldn't your concept of Jesus cover their sins just as much as yours since the Bible says every sin is the same except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? What does that mean anyway? According to the Bible believing demons or the Devil is responsible for something the Holy Spirit is doing is blasphemy. Have you ever said, "I cast you out in the name of Jesus?" Have you ever thought demons were doing something? Have you ever cursed the Devil?

In the end many will come to me and say but didn't we cast out demons in your name? He is going to say, "Get away from me, I never knew you." Be very careful about your self rightousness. The Bible says he is going to say to the sheep, "You fed me, gave me water to drink, clothed me, invited me in when I was a stranger, and came to me when I was in prison." This is reality not spirituality. This is real food not spiritual food called the Bible while you build up your own little kingdom so you are happy and the one suffering isn't. This is actual help and not the words, "Pray and ask in Jesus' name and he will help you." Wake up and stop suffering people. Come together in love regardless of what you believe about God and stop causing cancer. Grow food and stop going to the store. Stop buying, selling, and trading. I'm tired. I want to live free.

Which is true; believing in the name Jesus, which is not the name God came up with or seeing someone who is hungry and feeding them because you have the means to? Faith without works is dead. Wake up people. Stop polluting the earth by making Bibles with trees, depleating our oxygen supply, and then filling dumps with them! Religion has ruined the earth. It has murdered and tortured people. It has caused anger, jelousy, strife, envy, and suffering. Religion is war.

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