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Monday, December 27, 2010

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    I'm getting sick and tired of my mean family blaming me for their meanness. There is very little love in any of my family. They are superficial and will tell you anything to gain your trust and as soon as they do they will use it against you and then devastate. Well, no more family. I have a platform and everything you have been saying has been recorded. Nothing was deleted All was saved. Soon enough.
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  • Crystal, what exactly is it that you are accusing me of when you say I did not tell what dad did to us? Why are you being mean to me by accusing of me of not telling on him? The police never came to our house and asked me if it happened to me that I remember. Besides, don't you think it should have been a child psychologist with the police so a scared little girl would not have to be afraid anymore?
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      • Nancy Kay Woodruff What is it exactly that you are accusing me of? Do you think Dad would have been prosecuted if I stood up with yo and said he touched us? Wasn't your testimony sufficient? Cause today it would be. But you keep accusing me of not telling. I did too tell. I told that lawyer that mom made me talk to. I told him dad was touching me but lied when he asked me if dad made me touch him. he is a witness and i will subpoena his name for court.
        14 minutes ago ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff mom is the one who dropped charges against dad. it had nothing to do with me and i am sick and tired of you blaming me. ask her. back then it was up to her to press charges against him. that lawyer i talked to had a responsibility too. but i saw a lot of abuses and never reported it either.
        12 minutes ago ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff Crystal, what justice do you think you didn't get that you would believe that I didn't tell? Besides, I was a scared little 13 year old girl who had seen and felt severe pain at the hands of the one I had to tell on and then go right back to him but you didn't.
        6 minutes ago ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff Are you accusing me of not telling and that's why I had to go back to him? How weird that they let you go live somewhere fun and yet the rest of us had to stay. oh poor you.
        4 minutes ago ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff I did tell. Thank God mom didn't tell him I told. Maybe she wasn't in the room when I told. How funny that you think a 13 year old is responsible for her own molestation at the hands of her father and that cause you think it happened only once, that would be the one time you witnessed it, that I should shut my mouth and let it go.
        3 minutes ago ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff You weren't there night after night.
        2 minutes ago ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff You were in the basement where he wouldn't go. Remember, you told me so. Don't you wonder why my door had a lock on it?
        about a minute ago ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff You can say it was cause of the shotgun re-loader on the bench or the guns that adorned the walls held by leather straps front eh animals he killed.
        a few seconds ago ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff You remember his gun collection?

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