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Saturday, December 25, 2010

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 This is what my mother said of my father's affair. She still to this day blames the teenage girl Joyce Thompson, knowing Crystal, my older sister by only one year, had already ran away from home because our father was molesting her and I and beating all of us.
Georgia Mcguire That 16 year old didn't care she was getting second hand merchandise! She couln't find her own man she had to go sleep with a married man with 4 kids and a couple close to her own age.
This is my mother on my fathers using a child for sex.

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And this is my sister's answer to me for exposing this truth.

    • Candy Freeman bitch you are in need of more help then i think is around yet your so crazy...
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    • Nancy Kay Woodruff the parents you sit for are you going see how you talk and not going to let you watch their kids anymore.

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