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Saturday, December 25, 2010

are you on
my mom is saying bad things
to me cause i am taking up for joyce thompson
Sharon Spears Fowler is offline.7:35pm
Sharon Spears Fowler is online.7:36pm
who was 16 when dad took advantage of her
mom tried to kill her
wait till you read what they are still saying about her
i can't wait for the world to read my sister calling joyce a slut
and my mom blaming her for the marriage break up
when dad was an alcoholic child molesting abusive man
who yer mom
and crystal was already gone and accusing him of molestation and me too
georgia woodrufff
dont know her
she and dad owned the junk yard in north lawrence
shes a jw who is a hypocrite
i didnt know yer dad then
i know
that now
but you knew him later
and you were there when he was drinking all the time
and lying about it to everyone
and now calling me crazy for exposing is ass
his ass
this is the first ive heard of this
i know
its the first everyone
has heard
except the ones
who already know
and that number is limited
to the witnesses
but not anymore
its my day
to tell the truth
everyone says peace comes
when you tell the truth
not when you lie and continue to
keep secrets
for abusers
how many more have they abused
over the years
cos no one would listen
to me
i tried to tell
but no one would help
even now they are still calling me crazy
when it is all true
and there are more witnesses than they can possibly imagine
the more they lie
and the meaner they are to me
to more strength they give me to tell the truth
i am not scared anymore

The great thing about later is that it always comes

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