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Monday, November 8, 2010

Betty White

I love you Betty White! I think you are one fantastic lady who can act. You are funny and someone I would love to meet. Don't listen to the haters. I heard them on the View. What's their problem? People always have a bad thing to say about someone else's success when they are jealous! You girl are fantastic and give all of us and especially older women hope that fun is still attainable. I hope you use your fame to end world suffering. Thank you Betty for continuing to entertain us even though bullies like the women on the view are out there saying mean things because it's not them. They could have fun too but they are too busy worrying about who is famous and who is isn't. They are too busy judging and talking negatively about other people that they cannot entertain us. Their friends are Dr. Laura, Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, and Texas Justice. They are just jealous. I love who Betty White is!

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