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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Throwing away the homeless and their belongings

This is my comment in response to an article in Seattle's Paper for the Homeless called Real Change. Follow this link;

Seattle is not the only city throwing away homeless people’s belongings. This is across the United States. I was 7 months pregnant in Venice Beach when they arrested me and threw away all my camping gear and personal items, took a picture of it laying next to the garbage cans in the alley, and put me in a psych hospital just to be released three days later with nothing.

The US was built on camping and loitering. Without those two things the US would not exist not forgetting the murdering and torture of the Natives, Mexicans, and Blacks. America’s fundamental rights are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. How can we, the generations that have followed ever be free or happy if we are not also allowed to try? The way they force us to live has only come through them being able to legally loiter and camp on public and private lands after leaving England. At least we aren’t killing them!

The Transportation Dept, Police Dept, State Dept, City, County, and all the rest are public and paid for by the public. It doesn’t matter what they say about ownership. They are still non profit and public, owned by the public, and paid for by the public. Each individual is the public and have the same rights as ownership as any one of those entitities. This is not communism yet. If we don’t do something then Martial Law is next!

Nancy Sack

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