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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Important Are The Homeless?

I have been traveling the homeless circuit for about six years now. The first time I became homeless it was because of domestic violence through the court system. With the help of the US Government my now ex-husband dragged me through the court system. I didn't have a chance as the court is not there to help people and prove the truth but to get as much money as possible from anyone willing to give it.

The first time I became homeless it was a shock to my senses. I had never ridden a bus or had to find food or somewhere to sleep. The insensitivity of the people who work for alleged humanitarian organizations drove me ever deeper into my abyss of suffering. They each had a chance to pull me out of the bizmil darkness that surrounded me but they loved their money more.

I have found that a majority of people working for homeless resources have it in their minds that people who need help are somehow beneath them and can be talked to without regard to their self-esteem. They yell and talk rudely telling you to get in this line or that line. Do this or do that and then get angry when a person doesn't understand. They do the same thing day in and day out and tend to treat homeless, helpless people like cattle going to the slaughter. They don't care that homeless people are so tired and sometimes don't get to lay their heads down until ten pm or later after having to walk around all day carrying their belongings. Sometimes, their isn't enough food to go around.

Others even blackmail the homeless into listening to a Christian message before they will feed them. If a tired person falls asleep during the service or is late they can forget getting fed, one of the basic necessities of life. I am not a Christian and should not have to listen to their theory about what they believe to be true when their own book says, “If you see a hungry person and you have the means to feed him and you do not then your faith is dead because faith without works is dead.” At no time does that book say to make people listen to you scaring them into believing or they are going to hell before you feed them. It also says, “Feed your enemies and do good to those who hurt you and persecute you.”

They can say Solomon said in Proverbs, "Go to the ant you sluggard or whoever doesn't work doesn't eat." Well that may be what Solomon a rich man said but that is not what Yahu'shuah a poor man said. He said, "Look at the birds of the air, they do not store up food in store houses but eat when they are hungry. Do not worry about what you will eat or what you will drink for your Father in Heaven knows before you even ask. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and then all these things shall be added unto to. Seek wisdom and knowledge and not gold and silver. Do not store up treasures on the earth you are afraid theives are going to break in and steal, fire is going to burn down, rust and moths are going to corrupt." Solomon himself is the one who said he was the wisest man whoever lived. Well what about Yahu'shuah? I like what he said better.

The people who work for the homeless talk down to the them and then when a homeless person tries to defend their dignity the worker pulls a power punch and says, “If you don't like it then leave!” or “What I say goes!” or a lot of the time they lie about what really happened to security and the worker is always believed. It's a good ole boys system. They make you say, “Yes sir and yes maam,” as if there is some kind of hierarchy system that place them higher on the social scale. They tend to start arguments or perpetuate arguments with less fortunate people for whatever psychological reward they are getting out of it.

Less fortunate people have been knocked down so many times and are angry. The worse they are treated the angrier they get and the louder they yell. One thing homeless people don't need is a worker with a chip on their shoulder about having to slave for the homeless. If they don't like their job they should get another. Workers will kick out a helpless person without any provocation or just because they don't like what the homeless person said. They walk around in their nice suits and brag about how they work hard and the homeless should be grateful. Well I say it's the workers who should be grateful!

What these people don't understand is that they wouldn't have jobs if not for the less fortunate. They wouldn't have warm beds to sleep in if not for the ones who don't. They don't have a curfew because others do. They have homes because others don't. They get to use the bathroom and eat whenever they want because other don't. They think of people getting assistance as leeches when in reality the workers are the true leeches getting paid by the government or a non-profit off the blood of the homeless and mentally ill. If someone helps all the homeless then the ones feeding off the homeless will become homeless themselves as jobs right now are very scarce.

Sassy Grace, homeless advocate

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