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Friday, January 22, 2010

Poor Haiti Can't Fight The United States

I was just watching The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer today at 5 PM on 1-22-10 about Haiti and he showed how medication is being held by the US Government on Military Bases and at the Airport taken over by the US Military. The medication has been there awhile and is sitting in the sun and going bad. People are dying while the US is sitting on its ass. The Military person interviewed could not come up with a reason as to why it wasn't being distributed other than red tape. Wolf Blitzer was given a little bag of antibiotics and pain relievers which he took to the hospital. Why didn't he fill up his vehicle full?

Also the US is about to take over security in Haiti. Where are the other countries? Why is it that the US is the only savior? I don't believe they don't want to help. I believe there is more going on to this story than we are being told and led to believe. I don't believe the US Government is for the people but trying to control the world. We better get ready because the US is well on its way to world domination.

Next they are going to talk about the ophans. I can't take it. The pain is insurmountable. This is so devastating. I know my own pain at losing my children and the pain my son felt when he was sent to his dad that he didn't know and how he cried and cried for me. These poor children all being sent to the US. Where are the other countries? Where is the United Nations?

Okay they just said the children are very sick and it's very hot there. Where is the ice? Where is the medicine? Where is the help? Oh yeah, it's on the US military bases! I don't believe those children should be taken out of the country without making sure their parents are dead. There are people searching for their children. We have plenty of people who want to help but who will take the people to Haiti? Who will care for the people who care for the Haitians? There is a way and we must make that way happen.

The people are being buried in mass graves by the thousands without taking any pictures for id purposes. I know they stink and the bodies are bloated but they still need to take pictures for the ones that can be identified. They are wearing clothes that someone may know. Their jewelry if they have any is probably gone but what of scars or such other identifiying features? Without knowing whether your family is alive or dead, children will just grow up with another family or in an orphanage. This is what happened with Katrina victims in New Orleans. Those people are still looking for family not knowing whether they are alive or dead.

God forgive us all.

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