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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Doctor: Quake victims dying without US airlifts

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Why are the victims only being brought to Florida? Once stabilized in Florida wouldn't it make sense to move them on to other hospitals? Everything is about money, money, money. They don't care about us. Money is nothing more than a game called Monopoly. It is a figment of our imagination. The government prints money all the time. Money means nothing but slavery. The world does not need money to function. We think so because we want what we think money can buy for us. We are never satified and always want more while throwing in the trash that which no longer satifies us. When are going to stop living for things we can get out of the trash and realize that all we really need to be happy and fulfilled are the basic necessities of life and nothing more. Food, water, and love. All the rest causes diseases. Shelter and clothes should never be made out of materials that deplete the earth of living giving oxygen or causes toxic substances that kill us. If it were you that needed care you would want someone to help you.

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