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Friday, November 20, 2009

Jesus is a HOAX

I don't believe in Jesus and here's why.
No one in his life time ever called him Jesus. Jesus is a made up name for a hoax that mass hypnotizes people into giving a group of people ten percent. If the Bible is to be believed at all then it must all be followed. There are four completely different stories about how he rose from the dead by men who weren't even there. It's hearsay and wouldn't even hold up in a court of law. That book Christians call Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth which really means Basic Instructions Before Living Eternally says, "There is no other name given that one must be saved by..." and that name CANNOT be translated into another name. His name was and is still Yahu'shuah. Jesus is the one world religious governmental system called English. Everyone must learn to speak it and live by it and if you don't they will kill you. Christians are the first to become so angry when you don't believe what they believe. They believe a lie. A hoax. He did not come to die for sins so we can live any way we want. He came to live to show us how to live but they didn't like what he had to say so they killed him. Just like they still do today. Christians are the first to store up treasures and teach others to do the same ten percent at a time. They lock their doors because they covet their belongings and do not take care of the poor because they say Jesus said we will always have the poor with us. They teach envy, greed, and covetness which produces thieves. They are the first to call the police on homeless people begging for a dollar or loitering. Well I don't believe in Jesus. I believe in Yahu'shuah who came to show us how to live. He did not die for my sins so I could continue to drive a car taking my life into my own hands and then blame God when a drunk driver kills my family. He did not die my death and suffer for me so I could play monopoly with money for a tax write off. The only reason for gay rights is for money that the church covets. He taught people to stop working for money and stop going to church and give it all to the poor and be homeless so they had to stop him from starting a revolution that would stop global warming and cancer. They changed their name to Christians and wrote a book to cover up their murder so we would all continue our mass hypnosis. L Ron Hubbard is nothing more than a hoax just like Mormanism and Jehovah's Witnesses right along with Catholics, Baptists, Evangelicals, Penticostals, Methodists, Unitarians, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and all the rest. All they want is your ten percent so they and you can buy diamond rings, cars, houses, landscaping, McDonald's, Starbucks, Cruises, TV, Cable, Cell Phones, and everything else bought and paid for with the blood of the sick and dying people. I am tired of playing the game called the BIBLE. I am set free!

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