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Saturday, November 21, 2009

First Carbon Capture & Storage Plant Opens

"Check out this great MSN Video": First Carbon Capture & Storage Plant Opens

How much longer are we gonna fall for their lies? They cannot clean the air by planting carbon dioxide in the ground. Now our soil and our air will be more putrified than ever! They are going to kill us one way or another. This is just the latest in their attempt to mass hypnotize us into believing they are trying to stop cancer when in reality they are making it worse on purpose. Stop making plastic and stop driving cars all together! No more metal formed out of the earth. Stop using fire!!!! I know how to heat water without using fire. Fire is not necessary to our survival. They are liars and not to be believed about anything they say.

Cows do not cause the carbon dioxide that is killing us. Let the cows go and stop herding and killing them like Able did. Start growing food like Cain did. Cain is the lost tribe. Stop being an ablite or a cainenite and start being a light!

Follow me and I will save all our lives and it will be fun forever. No more pain or tears! I love you all.

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