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Thursday, October 13, 2011

the Police are ruthless

Today I got my case dimissed. I was charged with a 3rd degree felony harassing a public servant. Castillo of the Austin Police dept said I spit on him and I have been fighting this case for 10 months. I paid Blackburn 500 dollars to represent me and he is a liar. He stole my money and withdrew from my case. I've turned him into the bar. Blackburn didn't tell me about court and then got me rearrested so he would  not have to represent me in court against the city. I spent 2 months in Dell Valley jail suffering. Eating bolony and peanut butter and jelly and nasty cold food with no commissary. It was freezing inside and they wouldn't let us go outside if the temp was over 98. No one helped me. Castillo lied in PI court about what really happened. He says another cop was there and that they walked me down back alleys to Caritas when in fact he was alone and walked me straight down 6th street. He says I was PI and then in Caritas I spit on him. He's lying and in fact he grabbed the back of my neck and bent me over a table and rubbed his body on mine as he was pulling a white bag over my head because I would not shut up. He was falsely arresting me. That's kidnapping. That's cruel. That's sadistic. And then they expect me to just take it. They take me down to travis county jail and strip my clothes off in front of cameras. They handcuffed me to a chair by my ankles and wrists, strap my chest to the chair, and put a bag over my head for at least 2 hours just because I choose to exercise my rights and scream at what they are doing to me. They are wrong!!!!!!!! They are abusive people making pornos in the jail.

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