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Saturday, December 18, 2010

it is what it is

  • I luv Mac Dre too. Both Murdered but I'll see them in eternity. They paved my way!
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  • who the fuck are you to say bad things about tupac!
    2 hours ago · ·

  • WTF kind of movie is this? She's in labor and he calls Dr. Howard at a Bar Mitzva in San Franscisco and he tells the doc, "You're dead you're Tupac!"
    WTF? Fuck You Bitch I luv Tupac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The name of the movie is Knocked Up
    2 hours ago · ·

  • Go for it Colorado!!!! Texas before California legalize THC!
    2 hours ago · ·

  • Marijuana does not lead to meth!
    2 hours ago · ·

  • Emmitt Till was only 14 and Bobby Hutton was only 16
    9 hours ago · ·

  • Fear no man only him who can destroy the soul too!
    9 hours ago · ·

  • Will you please bond a prisoner out and let them live with you?
    9 hours ago · ·

  • Go stand outside the jail and give everybody a cig. You'll be done for ya know it and everybody will luv u especially me!
    9 hours ago · ·

    9 hours ago · ·

    9 hours ago · ·

    9 hours ago · ·

    9 hours ago · ·

  • She was the only one with guts....
    9 hours ago · ·

  • I wanted to speak up....
    9 hours ago · ·

  • Anybody watch a movie called Honey?
    Thursday at 8:41pm · ·

      • Tanya Call really? cool i love dancing its a stress reliever
        Yesterday at 8:04pm via Facebook Mobile ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff Wish we could dance together! I know you would give it all you got. Come to Austin and lets put a dance competition together!
        10 hours ago ·
  • Bernie Madoff and family I am not mad at any of you. I love all of you no matter what happened. I am so sorry for your devastating loss. This is so horrible. I can't believe the Christians love their treasures so much that they are not suppose to have that they set you up and then sent you to prison and then caused your son to kill himself further devastating you.
    Yesterday at 9:45pm · ·

  • Police lie all the time.
    What the 2nd in command to the Seattle Police Dept Said to a reporter for the Seattle P.I. November 07, 2009, 02:21 PM
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  • Dancing in a little red dress
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  • Liked on
    Well, here I am.
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  • bed bugs bite!
    Homeless situation
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  • No one shopping at Christmas. Seattle will be the new Washington DC. I said it first.
    Homeless situation
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  • Brittany Spears you are an entertainer and if you want to wear a pink wig I will too! If you want to shave your head like Demi go for it. I won't do it though. lol Who the MF do these A_______ think they are limiting your beautiful entertainment skills trying to make you conform to their image. Fuck them Brittany you are incredible and I'd kiss ya too even though I am not ....... well anything is possible...
    Yesterday at 6:05pm · ·

  • what makes me so crazy?
    Sassy Grace - God's Wife She started talking to me, she asked me questions about the book I was reading. Later found out she was a crazy person. This is her story...
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  • hope you choose me. i luv u!
    How long until I am famous?
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  • chris coleman is fine!
    Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.
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  • Brittany Spears they treated you like shit and they themselves have done far worse than anything they are accusing you of. I loved your pink hair and shaved head. Tell them to kiss your ass! One day I'll will get the chance to stand by you and say fuck you bitches that took Brittany's kids because she wanted to be free. I love you Brittany and have always stood by you, you just didn't know it!
    Yesterday at 6:01pm · ·

  • thanks baby doll! I owe ya! forever life unto death into eternity!
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  • This is who one of my lawyers is defending. Thank you Stephanie Collins. I guess you didn't realize that I really am an activist. Police are liars and murderers and drug dealers and now its time to prove the truth!!!!!! Here ya go Rodney Reed you just pick up the biggest activist and protester in the country for you. I am also defending LaBaaron Hutchison accused of shooting 8 people at Spiros. He is my family and al
    Who is Rodney Reed? Rodney Reed is a Texas death row inmate. In May of 1998, he was convicted in Bastrop County of the April 1996 rape and murder of Stacey Stites. He has not yet been scheduled for execution. Nearly a year after the murder, DNA evidence from semen found inside the victim connected R
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  • What can they do to you anymore sister? Just cause Dad said he'd kill us if we told doesn't mean he can today. We were little girls then and I ain't no little girl no more and I have lots of nigger friends who would never let him touch me again and if he did...
    Yesterday at 3:20pm · ·

      • Ayende Alcala Nancy I don't really know you and I can see that you are going thru some things but I would ask that you refrain from using the N-word. It is very inappropriate and very offensive. I don't care if you are a Black Panter, have many Black friends, or what ever... It is un called for!
        Yesterday at 5:49pm ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff kiss my ass. I am a nigger and I don't give a shit what you think about it!
        Yesterday at 10:14pm ·
      • Nancy Kay Woodruff moralistsic hypocrite jesus lovin sob
        Yesterday at 10:15pm ·
  • I would beg them not to hurt him but they are thugs who love me lots. Right now is my day to tell the truth and he is old and cannot hurt me anymore and needs me to take care of him. Please, sister, let me be, to tell the truth finally. This is my day.
    Yesterday at 3:22pm · ·

  • Don't take up for facebook if they have a problem with me then they will tell me. The man that created this program did it specifically for people like me. And you are accusing me of something I have not done just like everyone else does. When are you going to let me tell the truth about our father and mother without fear?
    Yesterday at 3:19pm · ·

  • They say I have the right to tell about the abuse I suffered but I guess not really not even by the one person who can back me up about the molestation cuase you saw it.
    Yesterday at 3:18pm · ·

  • You and they are the ones threatening and harassing me for telling the truth and exposing what happened. It is my right.
    Yesterday at 3:17pm · ·

  • I am not going to remove the truth. At no point have I bullied or said hateful things only memories.
    Yesterday at 3:16pm · ·

  • I never said a bad word about you or anyone else. It's time for the truth to be told now or in a book and I thought this was a book. If facebook won't let me tell my story a publisher will and I am about to expose my family. It is my right here or there but somewhere it will happen!
    Yesterday at 3:16pm · ·

  • It used to be ok but now you bitches put people in jail for what you yourselves are doing or what your ancestors did.
    Yesterday at 5:59pm · ·

  • Mary kay Letourneau never dressed like Jessica Alba. She fell in love with a grown ass man. I hope ya'll are well. and I for one am sorry for what they did to you. I am NOT in agreement with that bullshit. I love yo both and more power to ya. How oldl was Laura Ingles Wilder?
    Yesterday at 5:58pm · ·

  • Jessica Alba in the movie Honey is creating a Mary Kay Letourneau affect. We see her as sexy and beautiful but what about the little boys whose d____ get hard because of the way she dresses. Justice for Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau
    Yesterday at 5:56pm · ·

  • I am not bullying I am telling the truth. This is different. If facebook wants to delete me then so be it. I will find another way to tell the world the truth. It is time I stopped getting intimidated, harassed, and threatened. It's time they stopped being hateful to me. and remember dear sister if you look back you are the one who threatened me and called me a bitch.
    Yesterday at 3:15pm · ·

  • I am not harassing I am telling the truth.
    Yesterday at 3:12pm · ·

  • I am not intimidating I am telling the truth that is different.
    Yesterday at 3:12pm · ·

  • If I'm innocent until proven guilty then how come I'm locked down forced to eat peanut butter and jelly and freeze in my room?
    Yesterday at 7:28pm · ·

  • I did not want to come live with my sister Crystal because she was sitting around with everybody else talking bad shit about me. but now she understands me and luvs me and knows I am innocent and is defending me against an abusive family. She is the only one I can count on to be there for me. Life unto death sister I got your back forever more!
    Yesterday at 1:39pm · ·

  • They laughed a little too hard and paid a high price for happiness.
    Yesterday at 1:08pm · ·

  • Chelsea your hilarious to blame the other woman. Should I blame the 16 year that my 32 year daddy left my mother for or him? Glad it was over I was tired of getting beaten and molested anyway.
    Yesterday at 1:17pm · ·

  • Cheuy, You're such a handsome little man that I wouldn't mind spending the night with.
    Yesterday at 1:22pm · ·

  • your meaning you're as in you are not your hilarious but you're hilarious still meaning the same thing if you don't give a fuck like I don't. Chelsea you and Joan Rivers and Dr. Phil and Judge Judy and Dr. Laura might just find yourselves living together if I have anything to do with it. Chuey, I got a beautiful little woman for you from Hollywood who happens to be your size and one of my best friends
    Yesterday at 1:21pm · ·

  • Poor Chelsea Handler made a mistake when she dissed Angelina Joli. I believe it was Brad that left.
    Yesterday at 1:16pm · ·

  • All this over some stupid story about dad trying to drown his little brothers. She got it from somewhere.
    Yesterday at 10:28am · ·

  • Grandma Minyard you let your son beat us everyday and you knew he was. and now here in the end when we loved you so much you won't have anything to do with Cyrstal and I. You are hurting us greatly especially Crystal who has been talking and crying to you all these years. I don't at this point give a shit but you are tearing her heart out. You and Aunt Glenda and Lori. She loves you and misses you.
    Yesterday at 10:28am · ·

  • I don't have a problem with Lesbians except the ones that make me bend over and cough with a flashlight telling me to pull my p____ lips apart against my will because they want to see my crack!
    Yesterday at 10:21am · ·

  • People of Austin Texas I am begging you right now to go visit a prisoner and put money on somebody's books who has nothing. Please go stand outside of Del Valle Jail and give the prisoners $2 to get home and a cig. No one else cares. I am begging you. They don't give us a ticket home even when they are wrong. Please?!
    Thursday at 11:37pm · ·

  • They lied. Those people on E news will never wear those jackets.
    Thursday at 11:31pm · ·

  • Is Chelsea Lately pregnant in a polka dot shirt by diddy?
    Thursday at 11:31pm · ·

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