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Monday, December 27, 2010

im so sick and tired of being called a liar that i did not tell the truth about dad molesting me when i was 13. my sister cannot grasp the fact that i told the truth too. i said he touched me. now she is like everyone else saying well it only happened once. 1st of all were you there? yes, she was. and 2nd off who are you to say how many xs it happened and that i should be ok cos u think it was worse 4 u?
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    • Sassys Opinion my whole life has been spent with a man jackin off while molestin me and beating me every chance he got and a mother who not only let him but gave him reasons too while telling me she hated me, wished i were never born, that her problems were my fault, and physically abusing me while denying she was.
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    • Sassys Opinion and now a sister trying to convince me that mother loved me best while she was so badly done to. Do ya think maybe one day my sister will stop accusing me of being loved by two people who nearly killed me? When she is the one who got to live in a girl's home away from them and college classes and a great job for 15 years and makes a lot of money and I am on ssi and food stamps for mental illness?

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