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Friday, December 24, 2010

Fri, December 24, 2010 11:32:08 AM
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To:Nancy Sack

i hope you are ready for a law suit. it's coming. no doctor will say a baby can hold her head up at three weeks. you helped kidnap my baby. i have not forgotten.

From: Nancy Sack
To: M Kathryn BRADLEY <>; Jay JONES LAWYER <>
Sent: Fri, February 5, 2010 5:08:02 PM
Subject: Re: Nancy Sack 08JV2465

You never told me the answer to this email. I need to know if I was charged with anything. I am trying to get housing and need a background check. I am scared to death of more of what I just went through without competent representation.
Of course I signed releases or my doctor never could have talked to the case workerthe one time he did. The caseworker was against me the whole time and I never should have been in converstation with her even once. That is the job of my lawyers. I was in contact with Jimmy my cousin all up until he decided he was giving her back and that I could not come anywhere near her to make a bond. His exact words, "Have your lawyer call my lawyer."
Do you know the outcome of this case? Did you hear that it was all my responsibility to get all the information to the caseworker and not my lawyer's according to the caseworker and the prosecutor? Do you know that the caseworker said I never spoke to her concerning my daughter and that she said I acted like I didn't care about my daughter? How much louder did I have to yell?
I faxed the certificate I received from the parenting classes to Cindy yet in the end they accused me of never going to them. How funny since I still have the certificate. Jay Jones was my lawyer at the time and I also begged him to call the lawyer at the VA so he could talk to my docs and tell me what they were saying but he never once talked to any of my docs. He was supposed to have gone through the check list of everything necessary to make sure he had everything. In the end all he did was laugh at me because as he said he had to laugh or he would yell at me because I was being so difficult and that I had sent him so much information that he was bombarded by it.
 Do you also know that in the end, they, inluding the judge, said I didn't have a bond with my baby because I left Colorodo even though the plan was signed by the judge after I was in TX? That all my rights were violated and I was told they were not my rights but my lawyers' rights? That CPS didn't have to prove anything, it just had to sound believable? The 9th ammendment to the Constitution says, "Congress shall make no law that supercedes our privileges guaranteed to us in the Constitution." If Congress can't than CPS surely can't. I am guaranteed the same rights to stay home with my baby while she is under a certain age just like every other mother. That's why they have aid to dependent families. Here in TX as I have finally found out there are places that would have accepted me and Joy to live for free but Colorodo tried to make me get a job and put her in day care as if that was the only way.
That my baby has been in foster care in Indiana instead of foster care in TX where I could have made a bond with my baby? That my cousin lives in a small town and that there is absolutely no where for me to stay in order to see her? That the caseworker told my cousin to have nothing more to do with me or even send me pictures? That in the end I was accused of  posting a couple of pics of her on my website and therefore that made me unfit to be a parenteven though I removed them when Jimmy asked me too? Lots of people post pics of their children.
She is my baby and I never gave her away. There were videos from security that would have proved the truth and it didn't matter how much I begged I was till falsely accused. I am still grieving!!!! You can't take my baby and think I am suppose to act as if it didn't happen and when I go through the grieving process that I have some kind of mental problem.
Lawyers have a responsibility to represent the falsely accused but that never happenedin my case. What do you think I should do at this point?

The great thing about later is that it always comes

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