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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Losing Isaiah

The Judge was wrong. He should have moved that young single black woman in with the white woman, her husband, and their daughter! What the Judge did ripped a family's heart out. That baby was hurt beyond belief. Thank God it only lasted two weeks. When I watch that movie I know the crying is real. It is not make believe. What baby did they record crying like that? How is that boy today?

Forty days after three police officers violently took my son out of my arms for protesting in front of Medgar Evers swimming pool, I stood outside my house at five a.m. listening and watching my son cry from the depths of his soul calling my name and looking around for me. He was looking around like he was thinking I was gonna come out of some where. It broke my heart. I had a restraining order and wasn't supposed to be there. I knew he was suffering since he did not know his father who had a forth degree assault charge for violently shaking him and had never been left with anyone except his sister who was 14 and a man named Mateo from Nicaragua who was only about 18 or 19.

I wanted him back so bad I was crazy. I milked my breasts for two months three times a day hoping I would get to continue to nurse but it was in vain. They did not let me see him for nine months and by that time my milk dried up. I could not continue to milk my breasts past the point I knew he would no longer take them, plus, I knew they would not let me nurse anyway. When a child learns to take the bottle,  after a while, they no longer will take the breast anyway. It was very traumatic for me. I could not focus my eyes for four months. The whole story of what happened is found at

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