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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tonight Was My Second Time Singing on a Stage For an Audience

Well it went relatively well. I sang my rendition of Kenny Roger's song The Gambler and Delta Dawn by Helen Reddy. Well I researched who actually sang the song and Tracy Nelson sang it first, then Bette Midler, then Tanya Tucker, but then Hellen Reddy shot it to the top. None of those ladies actually wrote the song, they just sang it.

I sang at the Hideout at 7th and Congress. I need to learn how to care for my voice and do vocal exercises. It's easy for me to damage my vocals because I sing so loud and don't warm up first. I will learn though.

Someone I met in Seattle was there tonight and that was quite a surprise. He doesn't remember me but it was like seeing an old friend. We don't know each other all that well but we have talked in Seattle. He can balance a guitar on his chin while playing another guitar while hoola hooping with several hoops. He's actually quite famous in Pike Place Market. During the summer he performs everyday.

He told me he wasn't getting much money so he decided to add each element at a time. After putting it all together suddenly he started getting tips. Pike Place isn't what it used to be. It used to get much tourist traffic but now not much. The city is closing down for the Capital.

Mardi Gras was suppose to be tonight but when I left downtown Austin at 10 pm there was hardly anyone and 500 police officers. By next year there won't be any celebrations.

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