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Monday, February 8, 2010

Making an avocado dip sandwich

This is my first time trying to upload a video to my blog using Picasa. Let's see how well it works. No sound to the video because I forgot to check that the microphone was using the camera and not headphones. Oh, well. The video is still good.

I've tried to watch the video but nothing yet. I will post it to youtube also. I am Sassy's Opinion on YouTube. I know Blogger does videos too. I will figure this out!

P.S. I know I used cheese on the sandwich and milk is bad for you. Old habits die hard. I will try again not to use dairy products and the sandwich would be just as good without the cheese. Bread also contains milk and I should use bagels instead. Living is a hard thing to do but once in good habits I feel better. I feel as though this sandwich is a huge indulgence!
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