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Friday, February 19, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen

I hope everyone understands the ramifications of this movie. The government will do what this man did and then shut down the city to say they are protecting people. This movie portrays the truth about the government and what they are capable of doing. Just substitute the main character murdering everyone out of justification of not getting justice for the government and realize that they will use any tactic necessary to bring the people under their control.

People without hope are easy to control and whoever has the control has the power. People who are afraid to go anywhere because violence is happening will allow themselves to be enslaved under the guise of homeland security. Wake up people and follow me. Vote me the new President and Treasurer of all non profits and I will take all their money and pay off all your debt so you can help me feed the dying starving people.

Google SassysOpinion and read all my stuff. Most of it is mine except a couple. If it doesn't sound like my words of freedom and government corruption then it probably isn't me. I need everyone's help because together we can!

Please ready my first blog from 2005 about the legal kidnapping of my nursing 13 month old son Isaiah at and a link to Here's the Proof on my other blog at

Yesterday I got incorporated as the sole organizer of God's Helping Hand Mysteries because God is a MYSTERY and NOT a ministry. My EIN # is 80-0547533. That makes it Federally Legal. I have also registered the non profit through the state of Texas by filing form 202 with the articles of incorporation, paid the $25 filing fee and now await the tax id # so I can file the 1023 to make it tax exempt and then I can give receipts to all donors.  I need $400 for the filing of the 1023 so if anyone wants to start donating NOW would be a good time. Call me at 512-633-3288 and help if you can. My paypal account is under SassysOpinion. Thank you and we will make life fair for everyone, end this war, and stop the mass hypnosis!!

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