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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be ready to have your blood drawn and tested

This is the first step to testing everyone. They start it out like it has to happen for drunk drivers. They have let people drink and drive forever and now mandatory blood draws? This is to get the people used to it. They will say they want to test all blood now so they can answer the murder and rape DNA samples. They will say they need to test for drugs and diseases. This cannot happen.

They will lie and say you did something you didn't. You may have walked or driven by an area and left hair and skin cells or it blew into the area or they just set you up by placing it there and then a murder or rape happened and now they have your DNA and you know nothing of the crime but you will spend years fighting a corrupt system.

Anytime we have ever given our blood for any reason it has gone to a blood data bank called Vista. This is how they are solving crimes of women who threw away their babies years ago in trash cans. At any age during your life you probably gave or had blood taken from you. We might not remember but all of us have  probably given blood to a nurse or doctor at some point in our life. Everything in our blood was tested and put in the Data Bank. I found this out while reading my VA records. You would not believe the records they have on you. They have said things that were lies and I can prove it now but would not be able to prove it once they set me up and neither can you.

They can use face and voice recognition software and use it in any computer linked together by the internet including your own and put together something that makes you look so bad that people will believe you deserve what you get. They will psychologically torture you into insanity. How many people have they already done this to? The Sahalis?

The CIA and FBI and other covert groups have done bad things and now will place you where you never were. They can superimpose your face on someone else's body that committed a crime. They can give your voice to another's. This is the enslavement for all people all ove the world. They have already enslaved a lot of people. They have killed the birds and animals. You do not know what you are eating when you eat meat of any kind. Vienna sausages, tuna, canned meat of any kind, hotdogs, bologna, sausages, cut meats, etc. You might be eating people.

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