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Friday, January 1, 2010

Pakistan is Next!

On Christmas Day the United States Government announced that the Pakistani Government has given the U.S. permission to cross their borders. I had a link to a news page to prove this more than three weeks before Christmas. They are using the alleged kidnapping of a soldier to get the people of the U.S. to agree to go into Pakistan. How long has the U.S. Government had that video of the soldier before they released it? Is it even real? Does that family even exist? Don't be a fool and believe this corrupt government any more. They are liars and have always been liars.

The U.S. Government has been in operation for generations starting with Egypt, then Greece, then Rome, then England, then US aka us. This is world domination time and we are slaves to a spiritual war we can't see. Stop believing because you want so badly to have peace. What we are doing is only perpetuating a war that has been going on since the beginning of time. They are cannibals and are eating us literally.

Gold is nothing but fool's gold. Gold is for fools and cannot do anything to sustain us. Heaven is not streets paved in gold. God does not love gold. God loves us. God does not want us to sing to Him. God does not want us to serve Him. God does not need us to do anything but laugh. No one sings better than anyone else. No one leads a choir in heaven. The story of Satan being a choir director in heaven then wanting his own glory and leading other angels to defy God is a hoax. In heaven we have no bodies. We are spirits that can see nothing but brilliance. We laugh nonstop. We don't have bodies that hurt. We know nothing. We talk about nothing. All we do is laugh and pass through each other and feel JOY times infinity. With no body to feel pain we don't need food and our stomach never hurts because we don't have one.

Stop believing in church and giving those self righteous people money. God did not invent money. God did not invent buying, selling, and trading. God did not create a people to work and slave for us to sing to Him. God hates singing. God loves laughter!!!! No one cannot direct laughter. In laughter there are no words!!!! No one laughs any better than anyone else. No one laughing is put on a pedestal! No one laughing dresses better than anyone else. Church is just a fashion show that wants you to play a game called Monopoly. Church is a lie. Church is a hoax. The bible is half lie and half truth. You cannot live your life by what you believe anymore. What you believe is that God gave you a car, a house, a diamond ring, clean clothes, a haircut, a job, children, and anything else that causes pain and suffering. God did not give you or I anything that causes cancer. Stop thanking Him for it!

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